Who we are…

…a network of enthusiastic specialists for the topics Robot Framework, Checkmk and Robotmk - or in short: Synthetic Monitoring with Checkmk.

Whether you want to integrate Robotmk into your existing infrastructure or optimise your end-to-end monitoring systems, our team of experts is here to make sure you succeed.

Our services

  • Courses and workshops: Intensive training on the topics of Robotmk and Robot Framework.
    Expert know-how - individually tailored to you.
  • Consulting: We support you with all questions relating to the implementation of Synthetic Monitoring with Robotmk.
    Best practices at first hand.
  • Extended workbench: Outsourcing test implementation and maintenance is a cost-effective and strategically valuable solution.
    ✓ Access specialised expertise and resources without having to keep them in-house. This allows you to focus on your business while minimising risks and errors.


✓ Fast problem solving = less downtime = more productivity
✓ Access to the experts = acting according to best practices = always the optimal solution
Exclusive and proven expertise in the field of Synthetic Monitoring with Checkmk

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